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The most important thing is that your tyres are legal and safe, as your tyres are the only contact between yourself and the road. They should have a minimum of 1.6mm of tread on them, be inflated to the correct pressures. You should check the pressure and the condition of your tyres (tread, buldges or anything in them) at least weekly.

The million dollar question!


Whether you go for a premium make or not is dpendent on your personal preference and budget.  These days, budget tyres are of very good quality and offer good wear. However, if you do a lot of mileage, then it may be worth considering the premium alternatives.


You can ask us for a quote for both premium and budget tyres and decide then.

Part-worn tyres are an option if cash is really short. However, they may be false economy. All part-worn tyres sold by us have been rigorously checked to ensure they are legal and safe, but some places sell part worns that are illegal and unsafe, so be careful if opting for part worns, and always ask to look at the tyres they are putting on to ensure they are OK.

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Part-Worn Tyres

Budget or Premium Tyres?

What Tyres Should I have?

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Need some help and advice or a free tyre check? Contact us, or pop along and see us.

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